Are you ready to get fit, run fast & build a super STRONG runners body that feels amazing?
I've put together a 6 Week Metabolic Reboot exclusively for female runners that will get you incredible fit, fast and strong results FAST.
Registration is open for the October Session.
Prep week begins October 28th.
What is the
RunningMoms 6 Week Metabolic Reboot?
- Curb Sugar Cravings, Burn fat and Build A Super Fit, Strong & Healthy Runners Body -
I have created a complete, easy to follow training program that will reboot your bodies natural metabolic system allowing you to flip your bodies metabolic switch from burning sugar as fuel and holding weight (especially around the midsection) to burning fat as fuel feeling powered up and in control of your body again.

This program utilizes cutting edge science that combines simple but effective macro nutrition strategies to curb your sugar cravings with physical training workouts that take less than 30 minutes per day to build lean muscle in such a way that you will transform your body from exhausted, cranky and sugar craving to energized, nourished and pro fat burning so that you will feel comfortable, confident and amazing in your own skin again. 

NO Starvation Diets, NO Counting Calories and NO Impossibly Long Workouts!

This is the most effective program for runners of any level who want to get fit, run strong, burn fat, increase energy and look more lean and toned than ever before.
How Does It Work?
To effectively flip your bodies body metabolic fat burning switch so that you can get fit, run fast and build a strong runners body that is energized, burning fat and feeling awesome, here is what you will do inside The RunningMoms 6 Week Metabolic Reboot:
  • ​  You will engage in effective strength workouts, speed burst interval training and core workout sessions that push your comfort zones, build lean muscle, shed abdominal fat and burn mega calories in under 30 minute workouts per day.
  • ​  You will learn to dial in your nutrition by eating a macro nutrient balanced diet, at the right times, for the right reasons to balance blood sugars, curb sugar cravings, rev metabolism and burn fat all day naturally without dieting, counting, measuring or stressing.
  • ​  You will get your gut health in order by following my anti inflammatory protocol to combat the stress caused by intense training and a long winter of less than ideal food choices to support digestion and eliminate inflammation.
  • ​  You will connect with a community of like minded female runners for motivation, accountability and support to keep it all up so that you truly get results.
The Next Metabolic Reboot begins October 28th.
What Should You Expect As  Result of The RunningMoms Metabolic Reboot ?
To curb your carb cravings, rev your metabolism and feel back in control of your food and your life.

To confidently know how to fuel your body effectively to maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

To understand how to eat right and train effectively to burn fat all day naturally. 

To get fit, faster and stronger while reducing your injury risk.

 To love how smart, effective and efficient strength and speed sessions make you feel, how they change your body composition and how they make you a better runner.

You will leave the The RunningMoms 6 Week Metabolic Reboot feeling leaner, stronger, healthier, happier and more energetic than you've ever felt in ages.

You will leave the The RunningMoms 6 Week Metabolic Reboot with the tools you need to get fit, run fast and build a STRONG and healthy runners body for a lifetime.

Here Are The Results of Female Runners Before You...
Before and after pics. 28 days later and I'm feeling so much stronger and faster already!! If you're thinking about starting to run, or wanting a great postpartum running program, I highly recommend the wonderful Carey Adam. I love how I feel!!!
-  Ruby -
"Here are my changes for the month of August. Wore size 29 jeans and now fit back into size 26...with room too. Super pumped because no more muffin top! My husband noticed the changes and wants to make better choices too. "
-  Kari -
"You guys!! It's been 1 month if eating mostly good clean food and I finally reached pre-pregnancy weight! I know it's not all about the weight but I FEEL great!I had two 10+ pound babies and I'm finally starting to feel like myself again! I honestly still love sweets but I don't feel like I NEED them. I'm so excited to just keep up going through life feeling this healthy. Thanks for your support and answering all my sugar cravings questions. You are awesome! Once I started to feel this good, that's just the motivation I needed!!!
-  Jenny -
I finally took after pictures from the 6 week reboot program and want to share my progress!!! I am increasing my running milage slowly and will be doing a second round of the 6 week reboot ASAP!! I am so blessed to have found this group where mama's all around the world can motivate and be motivated by each other  - Lizzie
"My clothes fit better, I have way more energy and I can literally feel my body changing day to day." - Erin
"I fit into a pair of shorts that I couldn't at the start of this Reboot! I lose 9 lbs. My fitness age compared tho the gender average on my GPS watch went from 49 to 36 years old. I'm proudly 51! I feel more confident in my skin than I ever have before!" - Kathy
"Feeling BA enough to keep up with this sassy frass today. Love the way this feels guys! 💪 I even think I see mini abs poking through again!! 🎉" - Jenny
"I have come a long way from where I started. Postpartum depression hit me after both kids and running has revived me. I have regained my energy and happiness and kept my anxiety under control since I have started running again. The strength and core workouts have made a huge difference in my running and body composition change.  I even won a 5k in my age division last weekend!" - Courntey
"Just wanted to let you know what a difference your program has made for me! A few weeks ago I ran a 5k race and I won my age group! I have never won a race in any way, shape, or form ever. Hooray! I love that I can hold my own out there because of the strength I've built and the extra push of speed workouts. Thank you!"
- Laura -
Half marathon complete! Thank you ladies for your support and encouragement! Thank you especially Carey for your coaching and programs. I realized I have attempted two half marathons in my 20's and one in my 30's and today I am 43. Other half's I either had to walk due to pain or limp across the finish line. This half marathon was my strongest."
-  Megan -
"I noticed today that the walk which normally has me winded does not anymore or not AS winded....
also I felt better walking, not so sore etc. Might have something to do with the 5 lbs that vanished off my body in the last two weeks!!!" - April
Are You Ready to Get Fit, Run Fast & Build A Strong Runners Body That is Going To Feel Amazing???

Registration is open for the October Session.
Prep week begins October 28th.
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, I need this. What happens next?

YAY! That's so exciting! Once you click the REGISTER NOW button you'll be taken over to my secure server to complete your purchase. You will then receive an email with your welcome and next steps right away so watch your inbox! I'll just be an email away if you have any questions at all.  I'll also send you the link to join a private Facebook community where I hang out and help my clients run through the program. We all start and move through this program together.
 I want to be a runner. Is this a good place to get started?  

OMG! I am so happy we have connected! This is absolutely the right place for you. I have included a level 1 and level 2 workout guide so regardless of yoru running experience or fitness level, this program will get you fit, running faster and setting you up to build a strong and healthy body.
 I just had a baby, is this program right for me?   

I recommend you are at least 6 weeks postpartum and that you have been cleared for exercise by your physician or health care team. I created this program with the postpartum mamma's in mind and you will want my signature coreFIT workout system to specifically get you reconnected to your core  and ready to run again! I also recommend you see a  pelvic health physiotherapist if you have nay questions before getting started. I am a physiotherapist and can consult with you but not assess and manage any specific issues.
I am already following a free training program, how is this different?

This is totally different. the free programs tell you to run.  This program teaches you how to combine effective and cutting edge physical and nutrition strategies to help you truly get fit, run fast and build a strong and healthy runners body. The RunningMoms 6 Week Metabolic Reboot  utilizes strategies appropriate for female runners, and offers daily accountability, support, coaching and frequent additional trainings.  
 I am really busy, how much time will this take?

The recipes are easy and designed with power packed ingredients you can generally get at your local grocery store. I don't spend hours in the kitchen and neither should you! As for the training, all the strength and speed workouts are less than 30 minutes and ultra effective at burning calories, rev'ing metabolism for up to 48 hours after you are done working out to help you build lean, sexy muscle in no time. As I say to anyone wanting to run fit, lean, strong and shed fat, you will get back what you put in but you do not have to spend hours working out everyday.
Will I have to cut out carbs, sugars or anything else?

OMG, absolutely NOOOOOO!!!! You are a runner and you need to eat girl!!! I will teach you about macro nutrients, inflammatory and gut loving foods and how to balance your blood sugars with real food, and lots of it to curb sugar cravings, rev metabolism and still have room for treats. No restrictions or eliminations (unless medically required but that is up to you) and you'll even be eating formerly forbidden foods like fats,  butter, beef, bacon and eggs and feeling awesome!!!
 Do I have to count, track or measure my food or calories?

Hell no. That kind of behavior fuels anxiety and eating disorders. I am going to teach you how to eat with mindfulness, tune into your bodies own natural hunger cues and confidently knowing exactly how to give it the right nutrients, in the right amounts at the right time. You will learn to love food and what fills you up leaving you energized and happy so you can stop falling back into old eating habits that leave you exhausted, feeling guilty and irritable.
 I do not see any testimonials of pre and post weight loss pictures. Why?

I do not measure you and I really find pre and post pictures missing the point. Focusing on the number on the scale and longing for the body you don't have only holds you back from nourishing the body you have right now. Yes, I want you to shed fat and look good good in your bathing suit but what I REALLY want is that by the end of this program you are running strong, feeling confident, empowered and back in control of your health. I want you feeling free from food guilt and sugar cravings. I want your metabolism boosted and you naturally reaching for foods that NOURISH you from the inside out. That kind of thing is hard to photograph. When you can confidently do all of these things, the weight will come off and you will look sexy and strong again, regardless of what the scale says.
Will I lose weight in 6 weeks?

I know how badly you want to shed that frustrating weight but weight is just one measure of your success in this program. If you follow the workouts and learn to eat, your body composition will absolutely change. Some people will see drastic results quickly, others will take more time. Each and every person who comes into this program is unique. The skills I teach you are based on science and absolutely work if you put the work in with the right mindset and focus. 6 weeks is going to be a great kick start for anyone.
What if I am recovering from an injury?
The nutrition and fat loss portion of the program can be done while on the injured roster and will actually help you heal faster. IF you are returning after injury, I am a physiotherapist so I can help you adapt the workouts and support your body through healing but you must get cleared by your doctor and continue treatment by your local health team.
I am already training for a longer race, will this help me?

YES but I recommend this program be done alone and in between training sessions. Let's get you super fit, strong and healthy and then work on building distance.

Once you sign up, you will get be sent an email giving you instant access to everything.  I can't wait to welcome you inside. 
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